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On this page we’ve summarized some of the best tips that have been posted here at BAtips.com. These are essential, must-read tips for anyone planning to visit Buenos Aires for pleasure, business, or tango.

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Best Neighborhoods for Tourists – Best neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, ranked from best to worst.

How Bad is Crime in Buenos Aires? – Nobody wants to be robbed (or worse) on their vacation. Should you be worried?

Getting a Taxi at the Airport – Here’s how to take a taxi from the airport.

Ten Things to Do in Buenos Aires – There’s a lot you can see and do in a city of 15 million people. Here are ten of the best things to do.

Tax-Free Shopping – How to use Global Refund to claim a tax refund on your purchase.

How to Use the Subte – The subte (subway) costs only about 25 cents (USD). Here’s how to use it to get around the city.

Taxi Safety – How to stay safe and avoid problems while using taxis.

Renting an Apartment in Buenos Aires – Tips from a reputable agent 

Best Way to Change Currency – You’ll need Argentine pesos. This is your guide to changing foreign currency in Buenos Aires.

Best Steak in Buenos Aires – Those grass-fed cows are awfully delicious.

Watch Out for these Scams and Rip-offs – Avoid these common tourist scams

Print This Free Travel Guide – Download this 26-page travel guide before your trip. It will come in handy.