Best Selection of Restaurants is in Las Cañitas

Many tourists visit Buenos Aires without having dinner in Las Cañitas. It’s a shame. Las Cañitas is, in my opinion, the best restaurant zone in all of Buenos Aires.

Las Cañitas is a small neighborhood just east of Avenida Dorrego and just south of the Polo grounds (El Campo Argentino de Polo). Technically, it’s part of Palermo, even though it’s separated from the rest of Palermo by train tracks.

Most of the restaurants in this area are centered around the corner of Arévalo and Baez. But you can just tell the taxi driver to take you to “Las Cañitas”. He’ll know where to drop you off.

Here you’ll find a couple dozen modern, stylish restaurants and a few bars in about a four block area. Many of the restaurants are traditional parrillas serving meat, but you can also find sushi, thai, pasta and other cuisines.

This area is upscale and the prices are generally a little higher than other Buenos Aires restaurants. When I go to Las Cañitas I typically expect to spend about 120 or 150 pesos for dinner for 2 with a glass of house wine and a shared dessert. Of course, this will depend on the restaurant and your level of extravagance.

On a nice evening, Las Cañitas is one of the best places in the city for people watching. Many of the restaurants have outdoor seating.

Remember, dinner starts late in Buenos Aires. I suggest arriving at 10 or 10:30. You don’t need a reservation. There are lots of restaurants to choose from and if you arrive before 10:30 you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a table. In fact, wandering up and down the street and trying to choose among the many attractive restaurants is part of the fun of a night in Las Cañitas.

¡Buen provecho!

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