Ten Things to Do in Buenos Aires

Here’s a list of ten of my favorite things to do in Buenos Aires:

  1. Visit Recoleta Cemetery. While you’re there, check out the church next door (Nuestra Señora Del Pilar) and Recoleta Village.
  2. Eat a big, juicy steak and at a parilla restaurant. Argentine beef is delicious because the cows are grass fed.
  3. Take a tango class at La Viruta or any local milonga (a “milonga” is a place where people dance tango).
  4. Take the subte (subway). It costs only 90 centavos. The old, wood-paneled cars on the “A” line are particularly interesting.
  5. Go shopping on Florida street. Buy some shoes hand-made in Argentina. If it’s hot or rainy, step into Galerias Pacifico mall.
  6. See El Obelisco and the amazingly wide Avenida 9 de Julio. The Obelisk is the tower-like structure that resembles the Washington monument at the intersection of 9 de Julio and Corrientes.
  7. Eat empanadas. I suggest ham and cheese.
  8. See a soccer game or a polo match at El Campo Argentino de Polo in Palermo.
  9. Visit the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (MALBA).
  10. Go to a boliche (nightclub) and stay out till 6am. Sahara Continent in Recoleta has a friendly atmosphere and plays a lot of pop and reggaeton.
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  1. TheWanderer Says:

    Great list but I would also add La Boca since it is a very good place for taking photos.

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