Getting a Taxi at the Airport

For tourists, the safest, most reliable way to get from the airport to your hotel or apartment in Buenos Aires is to use the official airport taxis.

After you have passed through immigration and picked up your luggage, you will emerge in the airport greeting area. Look for a large booth that says Taxi Ezeiza. These are the official airport taxis.

You will pay in advance at the booth for your taxi. A trip from the airport to Palermo costs 90 pesos but this may vary depending on your destination. The cashier will give you a receipt. Wait beside the booth until a taxi driver comes and calls your number. On my last trip I waited about 20 minutes.

The drive from EZE to the city center takes about 50 minutes and passes through two toll booths. Tolls are included in the cost of the taxi.

Taxi drivers in Buenos Aires do not expect a tip.

On my last flight into EZE, an official handed out a notice to all arriving passengers that warned not to take taxis from people offering taxi services by voice. Apparently robberies have been committed by these unofficial taxi services.

Taxi Ezeiza offers a promotion for the return trip to the airport. The cost is 68 pesos if you book the taxi at least 3 hours in advance.

Here’s the Taxi Ezeiza website.

Another safe option is to take a remise. This is essentially a limo service. Several remise companies have booths in the airport.

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