My Experience at AAA Apartments in Recoleta

AAA Apartments rents out a number of furnished studio apartments in a relatively new building near the corner of Austria and Pacheco de Melo. I spent a month in one of these apartments in 2007.

The apartments aren’t large. I would guess about 350 square feet. But they are modern and reasonably comfortable with a full fridge, internet connection and air conditioning.  If you are coming to Buenos Aires during the summer months, air conditioning is essential. My unit also had a safe.

The agent in charge of rentals spoke fluent English and was punctual and helpful. These are well-managed apartments.

I liked the location a lot. It feels like a neighborhood. It’s close to a supermarket and cafes, and there is laundry service across the street. It’s about a 10 minute walk to the Agüero subway station on Santa Fe.

Maid service was included. If I recall correctly, she cleaned three times per week.

A couple of things you need to know if you are going to stay here. Austria is quite a busy street and there is a lot of traffic noise. The morning buses are particularly loud. Also, this building does not have a 24 hour security guard or doorman.

The website lists the rates as $90 per night, $500 per week or $1300 per month. I paid about $1000 for a month in 2007.

One thing I noticed about apartment rentals in Buenos Aires is that owners and agents are usually willing to negotiate the price, especially during non-peak season. They would rather keep the unit occupied at a lower rate than let it sit vacant. So don’t be shy about trying to talk down the price.

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