Cabello Square Apartments Modern and Well-Located

I recently rented a furnished apartment in Cabello Square, a nine-story building in Palermo Chico built in 2007. Overall, I enjoyed my month-long stay and found a lot of reasons to recommend the place. I’ll list those below, as well as a few areas where I feel the apartment came up short.

The main reasons why I chose Cabello Square were location and security. The building is well-located in a quiet, upscale part of Palermo. The zoo, parks, a movie theater, the subway, and Alto Palermo mall are all within a ten minute walk. Plus there are numerous stores and restaurants nearby.

The building is on a residential street and there is not much traffic noise, a rarity for Buenos Aires. 

By the way, if you are extremely sensitive to noise I recommend looking for an apartment that faces the interior, not the street. These apartments are called contrafrente. They aren’t all that common as tourist rentals since most tourists prefer a balcony on the street, facing the action. I don’t believe Cabello Square has any contrafrente apartments available for rent, though I’m not certain.

The building has a 24 hour doorman, good for security and convenience. 

The rooftop pool is a nice amenity and I used it often. There is also a small gym with basic exercise equipment.

Unlike most apartments which can be rented through any number of rental agents, bookings at Cabello Square are handled exclusively by RentinBA. In fact, the RentinBA office is located on the sixth floor. This is extremely handy and there’s a level of comfort in knowing that someone is nearby to answer questions or respond to problems.

I was impressed by RentinBA and liked the staff. I found them to be the most efficient and professional of all the rental agencies I’ve dealt with so far. They speak excellent English and respond promptly to calls and emails.

So where does Cabello Square come up short? I think the answer is in one’s expectations. The website describes Cabello Square as “luxury living in Buenos Aires” and “the finest address in Buenos Aires”. These are exaggerations. The apartments are nice but not luxurious. In fact, the furnishings are quite basic. You can definitely find more luxurious furnished apartments, though the rent will likely be higher.

Also, the walls are thin and you’ll definitely hear your neighbor’s TV, and even loud conversations.

I paid $1200 for my one month rental. When I booked the unit I had to send a $600 deposit by PayPal. The deposit was returned by PayPal after my stay. Unfortunately, PayPal charged me a fee on the incoming funds so I was out about $23.

Cabello Square is located at Cabello 3181.

You can get more information and see which units are available at the Cabello Square website. Plus here’s a link to RentinBA where you can find even more rental options.

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