Where to Buy Men’s Tango Shoes

There are several good places to buy men’s tango shoes in Buenos Aires. Here’s what you’ll find at a few of the stores I’ve visited. 

Neo Tango, located at Sarmiento 1938, has perhaps the best selection of men’s tango shoes in Buenos Aires. Styles range from conservative to ridiculously flamboyant. They also sell about a dozen different styles of dance sneakers, which are called zapatillas in Argentina. Prices aren’t cheap. Expect to pay 300 or 400 pesos. I purchased a pair of zapatillas at Neo Tango in 2007 and have been satisfied with them.

Only a few blocks away from Neo Tango is DNI Tango, a popular tango school located at Corrientes 2140. Although DNI sells only a few styles of tango shoes and sneakers, their shoes have a great reputation. I purchased a pair of men’s shoes at DNI on the recommendation of a tango instructor I know and am extremely pleased with them. The quality is good, they are comfortable and — most importantly — they give me excellent balance. I only wish they had my size in a color other than black. These shoes are somewhat unique in that the toe portion of the sole has a small rubber insert to provide grip when needed.

Another tango school, Tango Brujo, located in Microcentro at Esmeralda 754, also sells men’s shoes. Some of the styles are quite eye-catching but, as often seems to be the case in Buenos Aires, the selection narrows dramatically depending on your size. I purchased a pair of zapatillas at Tango Brujo in 2007 and wore them to death. However, I think the zapatillas at DNI provide better support and balance.

Darcos Tango, Suipacha 259, is one of the best-known shoe stores in the city. They have a large selection of men’s shoes, plus their website is well set-up for online sales.

Other stores worth checking out are Fabio Shoes on Riobamba, Lolo Gerard at Anchorena 607, and Victorio Tango Shoes.

Know of any other good places to buy men’s tango shoes in Buenos Aires? Please post it below.

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