Good Instructors, Crowded Classes at DNI Tango

DNI Tango is possibly the most popular tango school in Buenos Aires for anyone interested in learning the “tango nuevo” style. The school has an outstanding reputation due largely to the superb dancing skills of the proprietors, Pablo Villarraza and Dana Frigoli.

I took a few dozen classes at DNI over the past couple of years. Although this school is one of the best places in the city to learn tango nuevo, it is not without its shortcomings.

DNI offers classes every day of the week except Sunday. But many of these classes are extremely crowded. I really don’t know why they pack a few dozen people into a tiny, hot room when other rooms seem to be available. Students often spill out into the reception area. If they were teaching traditional, closed-embrace techniques the lack of space wouldn’t matter. But the elaborate tango nuevo sequences taught at DNI require room to move.¬†

My other complaint is the lack of structure among the levels. The schedule indicates six levels of tango but the steps often seem equally complex in all levels except level one. What’s more, many of the same people seem to take classes in every level.

Despite these complaints, DNI has a wonderful, friendly, encouraging atmosphere. Plus there is no denying that the instructors are very good dancers and the steps are creative and inspiring.

DNI Tango is located at Corrientes 2140. I don’t recall seeing a sign outside. Go inside the door, up a few stairs, and ring the buzzer to be let in.

DNI also offers yoga classes.

Here’s a link to the DNI Tango website.

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  1. james Says:

    This is a good summary of the place….although they have moved to a new Venue now and have more space.

    It is not a place to go if you want to meet locals and is very much set up for the international crowd. I felt very foreign there and had difficultly getting the teacher to talk to me in Spanish, which really annoyed me.

    Six years ago classes were fantastic value down here, now the prices are skyrocketting, so budget carefully.

    The school can be abit tricky to find so have a good look at their site on the web.

  2. jackie Says:

    james your comment is interesting because i usually go to dni in the summer and the majority of the people attending class are portenos. i think the classes change everywhere during the tourist season.

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