Local Expert Pedro Werberg Reveals Buenos Aires’ Hidden Treasures

Pedro Werberg knows Buenos Aires inside and out. A native of Buenos Aires fluent in English, German and of course Spanish, Pedro offers guided tours that explore the hidden treasures of the city. 

I asked Pedro about his favorite restaurants, shops, cafes and things to see and do in BA. Here’s what he had to say. By the way, you can learn more about Pedro’s tours and other services at his website, Amigo de Buenos Aires.

Pedro, what three things should every tourist see or do when they visit Buenos Aires?    

First, visit Recoleta Cemetery for the magnificent, ornate tombs and impressive neoclassical monuments. Second, Plaza de Mayo and the pink house. And third, Avenida de Mayo with its beautiful eclectic early 1900’s architecture and the Gran Cafe Tortoni. At 1370 Avenida de Mayo you can tour Palacio Barolo, a unique Gaudiesque building that once was the tallest building in South America. Tours at Barolo Palace are Mondays and Thursdays from 2pm to 6pm every hour.

What are your favorite restaurants, bars and cafes?

Cafe La Biela has nice espressos and very good food. It’s right across from Recoleta Cemetery.

In San Telmo, Restaurant Lezama (359 Brasil) is very local and non-touristy. You can get a  juicy tenderloin for less than USD$10. Don’t miss it.

In Puerto Madero you can enjoy a great meal at reasonable prices at Happening (310 Moreau de Justo).

In Palermo, go to Standard Bar right on the corner of Guatemala and Fitz Roy. Across from Standard Bar is  Sudestada, which specializes in Asian stir fries. From Monday to Friday Sudestada has a nice fixed menu for just USD$10.

Also, Florida Garden on the corner of Florida and Paraguay has great coffee and food. And if you had too many steaks, Tancat restaurant (645 Paraguay) offers great Spanish tapas and fish.

Where are the best places to shop?

For leather go to 666 Murillo. Also check out Suipacha Center located right downtown.

What’s your favorite tango milonga?

My favorite milonga is Confiteria Ideal. In Palermo, I like Salon Canning. In San Telmo, Milonga Torcuato Tasso for tango shows.

Who are your favorite tango instructors or performers?

Club Gricel (1180 La Rioja in San Cristobal) has the best tango instructors. Ask for Andriana Febbroni.

Where is the best place to buy tango shoes?

Lolo Gerard at 607 Tomas de Anchorena.

Any other tips?

On Sunday only I would recommend Feria de Mataderos which is by far the best authentic street market in the city. The fair has great food and crafts at very reasonable prices. While savouring great empanadas you can watch folk dancers, street musicians and gaucho horsemanship. Mataderos is a 45 min taxi ride from the city. Expect to pay about ARG$50 each way.


See Pedro’s website, Amigo de Buenos Aires, for more tips and information including his safety tips in the “Buenos Aires Do’s and Don’ts” section.

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  1. Anne Says:

    I really like Lolo Gerard shoes too BUT I have been trying to email them and access the
    website with no luck. Is it just a server problem, has the name been changed or maybe they are no longer in business?……….

  2. Cherie Magnus Says:

    All of these tips are way out of date.
    I will be posting new articles on Mataderos’ Gaucho Fair and tango/milonga info soon!

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