Lost Travelers – Episode 1 – Buenos Aires (San Telmo Market & Puerto Madero)

This is the Lost Travelers first video blog about their adventures around South America, It documents the time they spent in San Telmo Market & Puerto Madero. This video includes some nice outdoor tango dancing demonstrations.

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  1. Kimmy Says:

    Does anyone know the name of the non-embrace dance at the start of the video? I like it!

  2. emusar.org Says:

    buenos aires tango festival…

    This old-fashioned type of tea salon has many of the same characteristics of the Salons de Baile, but it is open as a salon de the. …

  3. pligg.com Says:

    tango in buenos aires…

    I do feel the level of crime in Buenos Aires is rising. A female Argentine friend of mine recently told me “this year for the first time I felt unsafe in my city….

  4. pligg.com Says:

    travel guide buenos aires…

    Another reason crimes rates aren’t that relevant is that most crime happens in parts of the city where tourists never go, in impoverished areas nothing like Palermo or Recoleta or other tourist zones….

  5. pligg.com Says:

    travel guide buenos aires…

    I love Sunderland. The floor always seems to move well there. The food is also very good and affordable. It is a popular haunt for a lot of the maestros….

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