Recoleta Cemetery Tops My List of Buenos Aires Tourist Attractions

When people ask me for tips on things to do while visiting Buenos Aires, Recoleta Cemetery is always my number one recommendation.

But visiting a cemetery sounds kind of boring, maybe even a little gruesome, right? Isn’t it just a bunch of dead people planted in the ground, and maybe a few pretty tombstones?

Not Recoleta Cemetery. It’s a fascinating place – more like a city for the deceased than a cemetery. There is no dirt here, not a grave in sight. Instead, the dearly departed reside in elaborate, expensive, above-ground mausoleums. And it’s quite a feeling to walk among them.

A number of famous people reside here. The most famous being the beloved Eva “Evita” Perón. 

When you enter the cemetery you can pick up a map for a few pesos to help you locate tombs of interest. English and Spanish guided tours are also available. There is no charge to enter the cemetery. It’s free.

Before entering the cemetery you may wish to visit the church next door, Basilica Nuestra Señora Del Pilar. Tourists are welcome and the interior is incredibly ornate. Once inside, for a few pesos you may climb the stairs to the second level of the church where you can see a few items of historical religious significance and view the cemetery from above.

On weekends, there is an outdoor market next to the cemetery where vendors sell souvenirs and other items. 

Also nearby is Recoleta Village.

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  1. TheWanderer Says:

    Definitely worth seeing. Good for taking photos too.

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