Most Tourists Don’t Need a Pre-arranged Visa to Enter Argentina

Most tourists don’t need a pre-arranged visa to enter Argentina but it depends on your country of citizenship. Tourists from Canada, United States, Germany, Australia and the UK — just to name a few countries — don’t need to get a visa in advance of their arrival. If you are a citizen of one of those countries, you simply need to arrive in Argentina with your passport. The immigrations officer will stamp your passport to allow you to stay in the country for 90 days as a tourist. A return ticket may also be required.

You can check whether or not you need a visa at this government website. And if you ever have any doubt, it is always a good idea to contact the Argentine consulate in your country. They can give you full information on all entry requirements.

If you wish to stay as a tourist for longer than 90 days, you have several options. Probably the simplest and most popular method to renew your tourist visa is to exit and re-enter the country. To do this, some people take a day trip to Colonia in Uruguay on the Buquebus. When you re-enter, you will get a fresh stamp on your passport and be good for another 90 days. I’ve used this method myself.

Another option is to overstay the 90 day period. If you do this, on exiting the country you may be required to pay a fine.

Another way to extend your visa is to go to the Immigration office and apply for an extension. If you choose this method, be prepared for long lines and possible bureaucratic complications. The office is located in Puerto Madero close to the Buquebus terminal at Antartida Argentina 1355.

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  1. NINGLE Says:

    ER….not exactly. That stamp is a visa. Look at it. Says it is good for 90 days from date of entry, I think what folks are asking is, do you have to pay for that stamp? The answer is up in the air. As of March 1, 2009 ( according to some sources), US citizens will be required to pay $131+ for that stamp. We don’t know if that is good for a year or per entry.

  2. Wilson Says:

    Argentina was supposed to start charging an entry fee as of Jan 1 but that has been delayed. Not sure if it will be enforced as of March 1. For Americans it was going to cost about $134, which is the same as an Argentino would pay to get a visa to go to the US. The government plans to raise $40 million per year through this fee. Personally, I think it is a bad idea. The fee could hurt Argentina’s tourism industry which is already substantially down from last year. I think they should make it as easy and cheap as possible for tourists to visit, then let them spend their dollars and euros in the economy.

  3. CJ Says:

    Thanks, I’ve clarified the title. The key point is that most tourists don’t need to apply for and be granted a pre-arranged visa in order to travel to Argentina. They simply show up with their passport, get it stamped on arrival and the stamp allows them to stay in the country for 90 days as a tourist.

    At some point, possibly as early as March, Argentina may begin charging an entry fee. Looks like they are having second thoughts about it. It’s a terrible time, economically speaking, to start giving disincentives to tourists.

  4. Mr,Iranfar Says:

    Is Iranian passport holder need Visa for Argentina for 2 week stay?

  5. CJ Says:

    Mr,Iranfar – Yes, according to this page citizens of Iran do need a visa

    Check with the local consulate.

  6. Rockee Says:

    When you said leaving the country then returning re-news your visa does that apply to the USA aswell?
    For example. I am an Australian citizen travelling to Argentina and to re-new my visa I was planning on spending some time in the USA.
    Do I need a visa to enter the USA if I will be there foe only a few weeks?

  7. CJ Says:

    Rockee – To my knowledge, you can go to any country to re-new your tourist visa for Argentina. The reason is that Argentine customs will restamp your passport when you re-enter the country and so it doesn’t matter which country you are coming from. The new stamp gives you another 90 days in Argentina. Most people go to Uruguay to do this simply because it is closest and cheapest.

    I’m not sure about USA visa requirements for Australians. Best to check with the US consulate in Australia.

  8. karoline Says:

    i´v been in mendoza argentina for a year now and when the first time my visa was about to ecpire i went to the immigration department to get it extended and it cost me a whole day running here and there geting some paper sighned plus 100pesos and on top of that they asked me every thing about my extended stay here, why i came ,where who and when ….etc….so the next time i decided to pay a little extra and got to now a nother country so i payed 160 pesos for a reter ticket to chile and got a fresh new stamp it was worth it i did some sight seeing and got a new stamp on my pasport…. after that time in november i rang the argentine consulant in my country Australia and they told me to stop waisting money on renewing my visa and that when i left buenosa aires i cound pay a fine of 50pesos…..and that sounded like a better idear then spending 100=160pesos every 3 month……THESE ARGEITNE ARE SMART ALL THEY WANT TO DO IS GET EVERY PENNY OUT OF YOU……. SO INQUIRE BEFORE YOU GO SPENDING MONEY FOR NOTHING…………….

  9. Tania Says:

    ,,,,, Soy de nacionalidad Cubana, con recidensia en España, mi pareja es Arjentino y he venido con un visado de turista de 90 dias a su pais, pero necesito una prorroga por problemas personales, mi pregunta.
    1-Q tiempo antes debo renovar
    2-Cuanto seria el arancel a pagar

  10. Stef Says:

    I’m looking to stay in Mendoza for a year, but will be travelling in and out of the country every three months. Inorder to enter the country on a tourist visa, we’re required to have a return ticket. However, would the imagration officer allow me to enter with a three month visa and a return ticket which is dated for a year later but keeping in mind I will be travelling in and out of the country but will be booking those tickets when I’m there? or am I required to have a return ticket which is within the three months period of the visa and I’ll just have to book another flight for when I return to the UK?

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