Flying Out of EZE – Get There Early

The Pistarini International Airport, EZE, is a busy airport. Departure is much less organized than arrival. I recommend arriving at least two hours before your flight. Two and a half hours would be better. Three hours may be needed if the airport is busy.

A taxi ride from central Buenos Aires (Palermo, Recoleta, Micro Centro, etc.) takes about 45 minutes. If traffic is bad it can take longer. I usually take a remise (private car) or Taxi EZE, whichever is cheaper.

When you arrive at EZE, go to your airline’s check-in counter and get your boarding pass. You will receive a form to fill out for Immigrations. Also, if you lost the form they stuck in your passport when you arrived, you can get another one here.

I’d advise against putting anything of value in your checked luggage. Keep it in your carry-on. Airport staff have been known to steal things like digital cameras and ipods. They will even break your lock or cut through plastic security wrap. 

Next, find the line to pay your exit tax. It’s on the main floor close to the check-in counters. The tax is about $18 per person. Argentine Pesos, Euros and USD are accepted.

If you will be claiming a tax refund on any purchases you made, go to the Customs counter on the main floor to get your receipts stamped. Then go to the Global Refund booth on second floor to get the refund. If the line-up is terrible you could wait and go to the Global Refund booth by the departure gates. But if you have time it is better to get your refund here in case the booth at the gate is closed.

Next, line-up to go through security screening. This might take a while. Be patient.

After you go through security, you have to line up again to go through Immigrations.

Once you clear Immigrations you walk through a duty-free shop and head to your gate. There aren’t a lot of good eating options in this area — primarily coffee and sandwiches.

Have a great flight home! I hope you had a wonderful time in Argentina.

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  1. Candace from Seattle Says:

    I go 3 hours before my flight. The whole process of getting to the gate can take a loooooonnng time if it is busy.

  2. UK Airport Person Says:

    I got there over 3 hours before, but the wait to check in, clear security and immigration used up almost all of that. I thought I would miss the flight several times. Far too much stress. I would advise at least 3 hours if you are travelling during the morning or evening peak times.

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