Are Buenos Aires Women Beautiful?

The women of Buenos Aires, porteñas as they are called, have the reputation of being among the most beautiful women in the world. But is it true?

I’ll answer this question two ways: first with a few facts and observations, and second with opinions from people who have visited the city.

Porteñas take good care of themselves. They are vain and extremely conscious of their appearance.

Dieting is the norm. You don’t see a lot of overweight women in Buenos Aires. (And that goes for the men too). I’m seeing more and more pilates studios in the city.

Plastic surgery is extremely common (and inexpensive). I’ve seen the trend to more plastic surgery described as “a rage”.

Even though your average porteña doesn’t have a lot of extra money, she still does her best to look good. Nails are done. Clothes are sexy and coordinated, even if it is just jeans and a shirt. Makeup is not heavy, but it is used.

Their features show European influences. Many Argentines have roots in Italy, Germany, or even Poland.

Now a few random opinions.

“They are hot. I can’t really explain it. It has something to do with the effort they take to make themselves look good and their willingness to flirt.”- Martin, 31, Argentina

“Good looking but not a lot of variety. I’m used to seeing women of all colors and races. Argentina seemed very homogeneous.” – Gord, 43, Toronto, Canada

“Nothing special. They are definitely more fit than American women but not drop-dead gorgeous or anything.” – Maria, 25, Vancouver, Canada

“Very nice. I married one.” – Nicolas, 34, Paris, France

“Nice looking but I don’t know about their personalities. Definitely not as fun as Brazilians. – Brad, 26, Seattle, USA

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  1. mariel Says:

    I totally desagree with you. I am from argentina, and that is not true. I hate when people judge someone by their apperance or just because someone said so…

    argetinian women here are known for their natural beauty, something that has nothing to do with surgeries and a lot of make up. wanna know why we are known as the most beautiful ones?
    because we look pretty eventhough we are in jeans and a normal shirt, with messy hair and without make up. thats what makes us beatiful. that and the fact that we are very open minded and sociable

  2. Cuerpomente Says:

    Porteñas are gorgeus. I have met girls from all around the globe, and some of them were from Buenos Aires. I prefer Argentian girls rather than Brazilian ones.

  3. lazz Says:

    I haven’t been to Argentina…yet. But I plan on going very soon. My mother’s family is from Buenos Aires. They are of Spanish and Italian desent and if the women look anything like my cousins then count me in! I live in Southern California and the women are in great shape (not the one’s that frequent WalMart, they’re HUGE!) so the bar has been set pretty high. But again, my cousins are pretty good looking so I can’t wait to get down there.

  4. DMA Says:

    I’m Canadian and between the mid to late 90’s I spent a lot of time all over Argentina including several months in Buenos Aires, I have not been able to forget the women from there ever since. Besides holiday travels I have also spent lots of time residing in a number of other Latin America countries as well as places in other parts of the World; America, Middle East, Far East and Africa. Hands down Argentina had the highest porportion of beautiful women and not just in BA, some of the most beautiful I saw there were in the smallest remote frontier towns and in abundance.

  5. Texan Guy Says:

    That solves that! I’m going to Argentina!

  6. Nick McMeekin Says:

    I have been told by several friends that you Argentinian women out look most women from anywhere in the world, by a long shot.
    So I will see for myself next week, as I am on my way to Buenos Aires,end of Sept.

    The Kiwi guy.

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