Bahrein Pumps Out Electronic Beats to a Young Crowd

Bahrein is one of the better clubs in Buenos Aires for techno, psychedelic, trance or other forms of electronic music. Other styles are also played, depending on the night and the DJ.

Bahrein epitomizes the type of clubbing you can only find in the biggest cities of the world. The club has two levels but the basement is where the action really happens. A huge wall of LED lights pulses to the rhythm that, coupled with the killer sound system, creates an out-of-body dance experience. Of course there are chill out spaces where you can take a break from the packed dance floor and down another Red Bull.

The crowd here is young, typically 18 to 24.

You can get a feel for the atmosphere with this YouTube video. The quality of the recording isn’t great but good enough to let you know whether this is the kind of club you might want to visit.

Like all Buenos Aires nightclubs, Bahrein doesn’t really get rolling until after 2am on weekends. The time I went, cover was 40 pesos, if I remember correctly. It might have been more. The combination of high-decibel music and alcohol erased a few memories.

Bahrein is located in Microcentro at Lavalle 345.

Here’s a link to the Bahrein website.

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