1810 Cocina Regional Serves Traditional (and Tasty) Argentine Cuisine

1810 Cocina Regional specializes in traditional, regional Argentine food. Eating here is almost like having a home-cooked Argentine meal.

Empanadas are a house specialty. If you’ve never tried an empanada, it’s a pastry stuffed with a savory filling. The most popular fillings are ground meat (carne), ham and cheese (jamón y queso) and ground corn and sweet red peppers (humita). Warning: They are addictive.

My favorite dish on the menu at 1810, and the reason I will come back, is the lentils with bacon and sweet potatoes. If there is a better food combination than lentils and bacon I have yet to discover it.

The atmosphere is simple and homey. Prices are moderate.

If you go to the Palermo location, note that the restaurant’s doors slide open. I thought the door was locked until a waiter came to my rescue and let me in. It was a little embarrassing.

The Palermo location is at Julián Álvarez 1998. There are also locations in Belgano and Microcentro.

Here’s a link to the 1810 website.

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  1. Bob Finch Says:

    Why did you have to post this, now I will no longer have the place to myself.
    Seriously, this is GOOD food at an excellent price. I would have no hessitation in recomending it.

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