TangoCool Classes Dynamic, Effective and Fun

“The men who learn how to dance at TangoCool dance really well.” I’ve heard this from several women at different Buenos Aires milongas and now that I’ve taken a few tango classes at TangoCool I can understand why.

Instructor Gabriel Glagovsky has developed a fun, effective system and fostered a wonderful environment for learning tango. And it’s not just the men who dance well here, the women dance equally well.

Glagovsky describes TangoCool as “the place for young tango” and “the most dynamic way to learn tango”. Both claims are correct. Instead of teaching finicky, precise movements, he gets his students dancing with unique, bouncy, rhythm exercises or dancing with straps to demonstrate good shoulder, spinal posture.

As a leader, one exercise I found particularly helpful was dancing in circular movements without using rebounds. Like many men at the intermediate level, I overuse rebounds and it kills the fluidity of the dance. This exercise helped me immensely.

TangoCool classes last close to 3 hours. Cost is just 15 pesos, and that includes entry to the práctica that follows.

I would love to spend a year taking these classes. There is no doubt in my mind I would emerge a very good dancer.

TangoCool classes are held at Club Villa Malcolm at Córdoba 5064 in Palermo. They are scheduled to start at about 8pm on Tuesdays and Fridays though in my experience usually started at least 15 minutes late. 

After class there is a práctica or milonga. The Friday night milonga at Villa Malcolm is popular and the quality of dancing is very good.

The best way to determine if TangoCool classes might be for you is to watch the video at the TangoCool website.

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