Jogging or Rollerblading in Parque 3 de Febrero

Sundays are quiet in Buenos Aires. This normally noisy, busy city relaxes, the traffic disappears and people spend time with their families or catch up on lost sleep.

One of my favorite Sunday activities is jogging in Parque 3 de Febrero, a beautiful greenspace in Palermo near the corner of Libertador and Sarmiento. Lots of porteños spend their Sundays here, kicking around the soccer ball, having a picnic on the grass, or strolling around the small artificial lake in the center of the park.

This park is great for rollerblading (inline skating) too since the wide streets around the little lake are closed to traffic and perfectly flat and smooth. You can rent skates at the park.

Two more fun activities in Parque 3 de Febrero are renting a peddle-powered water-bike on the lake, or renting a four-wheeled, multi-person bike and peddling liesurely through the closed streets, soaking up the sun.

Oh, and here’s another advantage to jogging on Sundays: Because there are fewer cars on the road the air is relatively clean and fresh.

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