Making Friends in BA

Are you traveling to Buenos Aires alone? Would you like to meet people to hang out with? Here are a few tips on how to make friends in Buenos Aires.

In my experience, one of the best ways to make friends quickly is by taking group Spanish classes. Enroll for classes and you will find that you have an instant social network of fellow students. And Spanish students aren’t just young people either. People of all ages study Spanish. Most schools accept new students every Monday so it’s easy to join in.¬†

Tango lessons are another good way to meet people. A few good places for tango lessons are DNI Tango, TangoCool and La Viruta. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to dance. Beginners are always welcomed.

Group tours are another option. The Recoleta Cemetery offers free tours regularly. Meeting someone in a cemetery might sound a little creepy, but Recoleta Cemetery is a special place and my favorite Buenos Aires tourist attraction. The tours attract a lot of people and the unique, quiet environment makes striking up conversations easy.

You might also try conversation groups like the English Conversation Group. It’s a group of people who practice English every Friday at a coffee shop in Buenos Aires. It’s free an fun, and tourists, backpackers, and expats are all welcomed. Here’s a link to their Facebook page.

Another way I’ve made friends is by meeting language exchange partners on Craigslist.

Know of any other good ways to make new friends in Buenos Aires? Post it below!

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  1. TheWanderer Says:

    I’ve made a lot of friends in hostels.

  2. george wong Says:

    yeah, me too. there is nothing like going drinking with other travellers.

  3. emilia Says:

    **drinking inclusively**

    A political and social organization where inclusive people come together weekly to socialize and talk politics. It is the Thursday night, after office, hang out spot for expats and locals to get together, exchange ideas, and, most importantly, drink!

    Drinking Inclusively
    8pm – ??
    Guatemala 4802, esq. Borges (Palermo Soho)

  4. south Says:

    Hi, I am visiting BA in mid May 2011 for 10 days to have great fun, any suggestion to catch up with some friends ?

  5. south Says:

    I am traveling alone to BA and wish to have some real friends to hang out with. please leave your message here and i will contact. Thanks

  6. Kendall Says:

    I recently moved to Buenos Aires with a basic knowledge of Spanish, but I was looking to break away from my textbook and practice outside of the classroom. Of course, I also want to meet other expats and travelers, so I considered a bunch of different conversation events hosted in the area. I found a great one that is FREE on Wednesday’s at 3:30 in Palermo!! Perfect time, perfect location, and for just $0, the price is right! There is a good mix of locals, expats, and travelers so it is a great way to new people and practice the language of your choice; either English or Spanish. They also have conversation socials on Fridays at 7 pm for just $20 pesos, where everyone goes to a local bar for happy hour drinks! This is a great, cheap, and fun thing to do while in Buenos Aires.
    For more information, contact them at or check out their blog at

  7. Barry Says:


    I made friends at my school, they had conversation classes on Fridays and we all went afterwards, so really helped my spanish, plus I got to see more of the city with other travellers and locals.
    The schools called LVstudio and its in Palermo.

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